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About Native Woodland Trust

The Native Woodland Trust is a Non-Governmental Organisation and a registered Irish charity (CHY14035). The Native Woodland Trust is Ireland’s premier environmental charity dedicated to the preservation of Ireland’s remaining ancient woodlands*, and committed to the restoration of Ireland’s original climax ecosystem through the re-creation of woodlands using only native seed.


The Trust currently owns and manages 4 nurseries for native trees & woodland plants, plus 11 woodland nature reserves – including ancient woodlands and newly created native woods – all of which are open to the public.


The Trust is also an open membership organisation – anyone is welcome to join or to volunteer – we run volunteering events, tree planting, walks and talks most weekends.


For more details – see our main website


* Ancient Woodlands are woodlands which have been in continuous existence since at least 1650AD. These woodlands are most likely to have descended from the original wildwoods which once covered almost all of the island of Ireland, even to the tops of many mountains. They are the last repositories of the Irish tree gene pool and at least 99.8% of them have been destroyed.

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