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Terms and Conditions



The purpose of the Irish Woodland Trust Ltd is to, inter alia, promote the cultivation
of and interest in trees and forests. With this in mind, the Irish Woodland Trust Ltd.,
trading as the Native Woodland Trust (hereinafter called “the Trust”) has decided to
embark on a programme of gifting seedlings to secondary schools for the purpose of
fostering and encouraging an interest in and appreciation of nature and in particular
trees and their care. The gifts shall be made on the following terms and conditions:

The project to provide free gifts of tree seedlings to community groups is hereinafter
referred to as “Trees for Communities.”

The Trees for Communities project is open to all organised community groups in the
Republic of Ireland

The free gift of tree seedlings shall be subject to availability.

The Trees for Communities scheme is run subject to availability of suitable stock may be
extended or curtailed at the sole discretion of the Trust.

Applications will only be accepted from 27 th January 2023 until all allocations have been
met (300 applications).

Tree seedlings and associated information will be provided to community groups during

The composition of tree species in the various bundle types shall be subject to availability
and the inclusion of specific species is not guaranteed.

Delivery of all seedlings shall be arranged by and at the discretion of the Trust. Deliveries
for any specific date cannot be guaranteed but the Trust will do all within its power to
deliver within any timeframe that may be agreed between the Trust and the recipient.

All seedlings shall remain the property of the Trust until delivered to the recipient. Title to
all goods supplied shall pass to the recipient at that point in time.

The Trust shall take all reasonable care in the packaging of the items but in the event that
any such items are damaged in transit no liability shall be attached to the Trust.

The recipient acknowledges that the gift items are living plants and need to be cared for
after delivery. The recipient further acknowledges that the seedlings will develop and
mature into fully grown trees. Neither the Trust, its employees, directors, officers,
servants, members, partners, sponsors or agents can accept any responsibility for any
loss or damage that may be occasioned either directly or indirectly from the delivery,
planting, growth, pruning, felling or otherwise of the seedlings, trees, branches, leaves,
roots and any other parts or elements of the trees.

The recipient acknowledges that by applying for trees under this scheme, the details of
their community group (the name of the group, its address and its location as per Google
maps) will be published on the Trees for Communities website,

By applying for trees under this scheme, the recipient acknowledges and accepts in full
all of the terms and conditions herein.

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