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What you get with your 50 trees

You get a mix of Native Irish Alder, Native Irish Oak, Native Irish Birch, Native Irish Hazel.


All our trees are collected by hand in our Protected Native Woodland Forests, cultivated with care in our nurseries over two years, and we are confident that our trees are free of diseases and perfect for growing in Ireland where they have existed since the Ice Age.


Our local wildlife which evolved with these trees will appreciate our choice as they are naturally made for each other.


Native Alder

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Species details:
  • Approximate annual growth - 1 metre.

  • Mature Height up to 35m, more commonly around 15m (50 years).

  • Approximate life span – short lived – 60 years.

  • Wildlife benefits: This tree loves wet sites, can grow on nutrient poor ground and even collects nitrogen from the air for its roots. The small seeds are loved by many birds and the tree supports lots of insects.


Native Hazel

Species details:
  • Approximate annual growth - 1 metre.

  • Mature Height up to 12m.

  • Approximate life span – short lived – 80 years, unless coppiced.

  • Wildlife benefits: This tree produces nuts in the Autumn – so provides a food source for many birds such as woodpeckers and Jays as well as squirrels and other animals. The catkins which appear very early in the year provide pollen for early bees and the roots can often support the rare Toothwort – a parasitic plant.


Native Oak

Species details:
  • Approximate annual growth – rarely 1 metre, more commonly 10 – 25cm.

  • Mature Height up to 40m, more commonly around 20m.

  • Approximate life span – 400 – 800 years.

  • Wildlife benefits: Well known for supporting the most species of any native tree, its acorns provide a food source for a wide range of wildlife and its canopy even supports a species of butterfly which relies completely on Oak and their leaves – the Purple Hairstreak.


Native Birch

Species details:
  • Approximate annual growth - 1 metre.

  • Mature Height up to 30m.

  • Approximate life span – 120 years.

  • Wildlife benefits: This is a pioneer tree, growing fast of bare ground. Its light airy canopy allows lots of woodland flowers to grow beneath it and it support hundreds of insect species.  Its seed are also a food sources for birds in Winter and it is known to support many species of fungi.

Tree Planting Guide

We have provided a tree identification and planting guide to help you with your new community trees. Just click on the image to download a free PDF version of this booklet.

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We’ll arrange for you to pick up your trees as close as possible to the address you provide, or if this is not practical, we’ll courier your trees directly to you.

All trees should be with you within 2-3 weeks, subject to availability.

Image by Tobias Tullius
"The NWT are a small team and I’m constantly impressed by how much they achieve, particularly in terms of community engagement.”

Alma Clavin - PI Repair Acts Ireland

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